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La Strada Ristorante Italiano in Print and on Television

"Piemonte Luminary"
The Palo Alto Weekly, November 2009

"La Strada Ristorante:  Preparing Gnocchetti"
ABC 7 News, September 2006

"Eye on the Bay: La Strada Ristorante"
CBS 5 News, August 2006

"Grappa, the Misunderstood Elixir"
The Wave Magazine, July 2006

"Coffee Culture"
National Culinary Review, June 2006

"La Strada Knows Authentic Italian"
The Mercury News, July 2004

"Consonsei, e Conquisto la California"
L'Eco di Bergamo (Italy), June 2004

"From Pizza to Pasta"
Palo Alto Weekly, June 2004

"The Inside Scoop"
San Francisco Chronicle, February 2004

"The Restaurant"

Palo Alto Weekly, February 2004

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